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Handmade, Artisan Jewellery

On and off this piece took weeks to make.

A HUGE piece of blue labradorite (specially sourced for me by my gemstone supplier) surrounded by a moongazing hare, moon, star, acorn, hand forged mushrooms and foliage. Every single element was handmade and placed where it needed to go as I worked.

I am enchanted by hares and their love for the moon and this is one of my favourite designs. I have made 3 so far, but every single one is unique because of the way I work, fitting the individual elements to compliment the stone and so they work together.

This piece is large and heavy (but very wearable) and is certainly a statement piece.

This is very well constructed, there are at least 4 700c flame soldered joints per mushroom for example... But please treat it as wearable art, don't wear it to bed or in the shower or hot tub and keep it safe in a jewellery box when not being worn.

Precious metal: Sterling silver

Gemstones/Enamels: labradorite

Length with bail/hanging ring: just under 2.5 inches.

Width: just under 2 inches

Chain: 18"

Shipping method: special delivery


Packaging: logo embossed gift box with jewellery care card.


All of my items are handmade so measurements and weights are approximate.


  • All of my jewellery is packaged in an embossed linen finished jewellery box. Every piece