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How to get in touch

Having something made:

Just to say... I work in silver, I do not do gold. I will happily add some gold into a silver design though (such as little gold details, leaves, stars, vines, scrollwork etc.)

Please have a look at my style on my shop / previous work pages to make sure my whimsy random style is what you want.

Let's do this!: If you have an idea for a piece please send me as many details about the project as possible.

Please include:

  • What you would like (pendant/ring etc.)

  • What styles do you like? Or if there's something I make that you have seen such as an Away with the Fairies Pendant or Daydreamer earrings.

  • What colours/stones you like

  • When you need it for (Christmas is crazy - PLEASE book early)

I can then come up with some ideas for you and then send a quote and if all is well I will send you a deposit payment link and get you booked in! 


Deposits: All orders now require a non-refundable 25% deposit. Your item will not be booked in until a deposit is received. No goods will be sent until the balance is paid in full on completion of the piece.


Useful Information:


Rings: if you provide me with a ring size PLEASE don't just guess.

Please provide your actual size in UK letters. Most highstreet jewellers have a ring sizer you can try. I am more than happy to make any size, eg; T 1/2


Using your own metal: It will be more expensive to use your own silver. It takes hours to process it into useable material and it makes it more cost effective to buy in ready processed silver. (Although if the silver has sentimental value I will happily use it) 

I can incorporate your own stones and bits of gold into a silver design!


Using your own stones: Yes! I can do it. Please be aware that there is always a risk taking stones out of old settings and resetting them. They can crack or flake. It can happen to anyone.


Using cremated remains: Yes! I will make a hollow silver pendant / permanently sealed locket with ashes in. If you want them set into glass or resin, I don't do this myself but I can recommend a couple of lovely artisans who can, please ask. I do not mix ashes into molten silver, it weakens the metal, makes it porous and can make the resulting piece pitted and hard to polish.


If you send me stones, precious metals, ashes etc. you are responsible for getting them to me safely. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME and use a tracked service (or better still, just hand them to me if you are local) 

I will return any unused ashes with the finished piece. I will not be held responsible for any loss of sentimental items in the post.


Thank you !

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