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Choosing the right size

Bangle Size Guide

Bangles fit differently than bracelets as they have to slide over your hand. Please use the guide below to find out which size you need. If you need a size I do not stock just let me know and I may be able to make one for you!

My bangles are sized in half inch increments.

Extra small = 7.5"

Small = 8"

Medium= 8.5"

Large 9"

Extra large 9.5"

As you can see, my hand below loosely measured is 8" pulled tight it is 7.5"

I wear a 7.5" as I like a tighter fit and prefer to wiggle them over my hand.

Round bangles are tighter to put on than an oval,

the oval bangles go over the hand much easier due to their shape..

I would recommend a tighter measure for an oval bangle.

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