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Well... I want to keep this one! A beautiful naturally occurring scenic dendritic opal, sometimes known as merlinite. A gorgeous black and white stone with the faintest of purple hues made me think of winter skies over the fields.

So I paired it with a blue moonstone and a deep winter blue sapphire and created a handmade sterling silver asymmetric mount.

The mount features my signature moongazing hare silhouette, looking up at the winter moon. I added a frozen twig and the last remaining leaves of winter and an elegant silver wind swirl.

I am absolutely a winter girl and this pendant is 100% me!

Precious metal: Sterling silver

Gemstones/Enamels: dendritic opal (merlinite) blue moonstone and created sapphire.

Length with bail/hanging ring: 2"

Width 2"

Chain: 18"

Shipping method: special delivery


Packaging: logo embossed gift box with jewellery care card.


All of my items are handmade so measurements and weights are approximate.

Frosted Fields