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Welcome 2024!

Hi everyone!

I am currently sat with a big mug of tea and a piece of cheesecake enjoying my Christmas break. Even though I absolutely WAS NOT going to do any work over Christmas I thought I would take the opportunity to let everyone know my plans for 2024.

After trying a couple of new things in 2023, I think I am going for more of the same in the new year. My website and online sales have done me proud and I think working towards a fully stocked website will be a huge part of 2024.

The FACTORY event at Keswick was epic, if the organisers run it again I will be first in the que for a stand!

Swapping my Christmas fairs for my online Christmas Gift event was AMAZING. I was thankful every rainy, blustery day in November and December that I was tucked up in my workshop in the warm and not stood in a wet tent or driving for miles in dark icy weather.

So all in all, I think it will be more of the same this year, hopefully there will be a little less personal drama (I dropped the ball on a couple of things after a few very unexpected losses) and WAY more jewellery making!

I'm also going to be back to work a little later than usual as I am having a workshop refit. Nothing fancy, but I do need a second workbench as mine permanently looks like a meteor has hit it. I also need a dedicated packing area for my online orders, some storage, printer and a few pieces of office equipment. I have been trialling a new booking system for custom/bespoke orders on my website and my New Year wish is to be a little less chaotic and a little more organised!

Happy New Year everyone!

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