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Lab created opal

I think my most requested stones are blue and black opals...

These are mined in Australia and are some of the most amazing precious stone specimens in the world.

Because of their rarity and beauty they understandably cost a fortune and are very difficult to source at an affordable price to make anything other than very special orders with.

So... with this in mind I have sourced some outrageously good blue and black opals that have been grown in a lab!

Why lab grown?

This means I can provide you with beautiful designs, ready to wear without spending hundreds, or indeed thousands of pounds on a single stone!

They are formed in controlled environments, which means I can easily get matched pairs for earrings.

Lab grown opal has a smaller carbon footprint, has less impact on the environment and has fewer flaws than natural opal. They are still opals, they just didn't come out of the ground! But I will alway say on the item description if the opal used is created or mined.

Of course I am still happy to source a naturally formed mined stone for your special orders if you wish!

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