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Size Guides

Earrings and studs

All of my sterling silver handmade earrings have handmade sterling silver pins or hook fittings. These are 0.8mm thick, which fits a standard ear piercing with no issues.


Small Studs, are around 4 to 5mm, about the size of a glass ball headed dressmakers pin.

Regular studs are around 6 to 8mm, for a size guide 7mm is about the same as the end of a pencil.

Large studs are around 10 - 12mm, for a size guide a drawing pin head is around 10mm.

Drop Earrings

All of my earrings are measured including the hook.

Short drop earrings are under 1.5" (25mm)

Medium drop are around 1.5"

Long drop are 2"

Extra long drop are 2.5"+

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